Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in our 2020 Chukar Challenge.  We had a fantastic day in the field.  Congratulations to Nick Stroh and his GSP Brook for taking top spot two years in a row!


Champion Sporting Dogs is pleased to once again host an exciting Invitational event summer 2021.  CSD Chukar Challenge is an upland bird hunting competition, offering the chance to work your dog on planted birds and compete against 10 other teams.

Our goal for this event is to foster opportunity for upland hunting enthusiasts to showcase their dogs in a fun and competitive format. Events like this allow our dogs to engage in what truly drives them at the core, their desire to pursue birds. Furthermore, it brings together men, women and youth who share a love for bird dogs, upland hunting and the bond of bird hunting together.

The CSD CHUKAR CHALLENGE is an Invitational event.  To participate you must download and sign a waiver release form. Deadline for entry is July 30th and a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required on or before that date.


EVENT DATE: August 21, 2021 / 9 am

LOCATION: Champion Sporting Dogs training grounds, Breton, Alberta

TEAM: 1 man and 1 dog

COST: $300


CSD CHUKAR CHALLENGE is a one day invitational shooting event where ten(10) teams of man and dog compete to find, point, and shoot 3 chukars within a marked field. Time limit of each hunt not to exceed 15 minutes, and each team will have three seperate hunts. The top 3 teams according to the overall scores after 3 hunts will then square off in a final competition to vie for top spot and winning bird dog team.


Competitors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of safety while in the field and follow these event guidelines: 

  • They leave the gate at a brisk pace without running.
  • Their dogs find birds inbounds.
  • Flushing breeds flush birds.
  • Pointing breeds point birds for at least 3 seconds until the hunter gently forces the bird to take flight.
  • They shoot birds with clean shots.
  • Their dogs fully retrieve birds back to where the shot was taken.
  • They call time with the allotted number of birds and when the last bird is in hand, and in control.
  • They immediately leash their dog and leave the field.
  1. Electronic Collars are permitted in this event.
  2. Competitors are not allowed to run a check cord or leash on their dog during the competition run.
  3. Birds are not to be released or set within close proximity of a boundary. Every effort will be made to assure that released birds remain in the field prior to a brace beginning. Any bird(s) witnessed leaving the field while the field is being set by either the bird setter or scorekeeper will be immediately replaced.
  4. Competitors must declare if they are running a bitch and she is in season. 
  1. All competitors and those affiliated with a competitor agree to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and socially responsible manner
  2. All competitors agree to respect and support the decisions or rulings
  3. All competitors agree not to use alcohol or any other controlled substance (unless prescribed by aphysician) prior to or while competing.


A safe shot is always the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SHOOTER.

Blaze orange vests and/or caps must be worn during competition.

It is the recommendation of the CSDCC that all competitors and event personnel take all precautionary measures to protect themselves when they are in close proximity to a competition field or a place where shooting is conducted.

Running during competition is NEVER allowed.

Safety is always the responsibility of the shooter and will always be respected. A scorekeepermay call a safety at any time.

Firearms are to be free of ammunition and the action or chamber broken or open when not competing. Any competitor deemed to be negligent of safe gun handling risks immediate disqualification.

No bird may be shot while on the ground.

No bird is to be shot in flight unless it is safe to do so. The guidelines for safe shooting are determined as follows:

  1. The bird must be rising and at a safe distance from the dog.
  2. The bird must be clear of all personnel, structural property up to and including temporary structures, permanent buildings, vehicles (occupied or unoccupied), roads or traversed paths and all other hazards that present potential liability consequences to the shooter.
  3. The skyline should be clearly visible to the shooter (below the bird) prior to taking the shot.


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